Great pizza, stromboli, and Hoagies since 1963!

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About Joe

Joe was born in Nanticoke PA, and has been a native of the Nanticoke area all his life.

His father contracted malaria serving his country in World War II, and suffered side effects until his death in 1962, when Joe was 16 years old.

To help support the family, Joe started as curb boy when he was eight years old, and began baking at age nine.  He worked as a baker under Tony Mattioli at age nine until age 16.  He helped Mr. Mattioli manage a pizza shop in Lewisburg.

He began baking pizza at the corner of Church and Market in August of 1963, and learned more of his craft under the Italian immigrant master pizza baker who owned the business. Joe became a partner in 1972, and full owner of the business in 2008.

Joe takes pride in providing Nanticoke with a top quality product at a fair price.  Joe’s signature creations are his artisan Pizza Artigiano, and his secret recipe Stromboli, and his super-stuffed hoagies (with a special 3 foot version every February for that Championship Football Game.  

Every customer is important, and Joe will bake each pie your way – as Joe says, “Your wish is my command”.  We promise you great food, and a pleasant greeting and conversation – every time you visit us.

Joe’s is a small, local business.  We buy from local suppliers.  We hire local people.  We support local groups in the community.  We support the 3/50 Project.  Pick three local businesses you don’t want to lose (we’d suggest Joe’s, our partner in Pumpkinland every year – Dundee Gardens, and a local grocer, florist, or electronics shop) – and keep the business local – spend $50 a month to keep Nanticoke alive. We promise to give back – let us know about your community events, and we’ll advertise them on our website and our social network channels.

Thanks for your business. We appreciate it.  Hope to see you soon.

Joe and Family